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Phenotype Organism Module Name
Photosynthetic organism MT MT M00161 Photosystem II
M00163 Photosystem I
M00597 Anoxygenic photosystem II
M00598 Anoxygenic photosystem I
Carbon fixing organism MT M00165 Reductive pentose phosphate cycle (Calvin cycle)
M00173 Reductive citrate cycle (Arnon-Buchanan cycle)
M00377 Reductive acetyl-CoA pathway (Wood-Ljungdahl pathway)
M00376 3-Hydroxypropionate bi-cycle
M00374 Dicarboxylate-hydroxybutyrate cycle
M00375 Hydroxypropionate-hydroxybutylate cycle
Sulfur oxidizing organism MT M00595 Thiosulfate oxidation by SOX complex, thiosulfate => sulfate
K16952 sulfur oxygenase/reductase
Sulfate reducing organism M00596 Dissimilatory sulfate reduction, sulfate => H2S
Methanogen MT MT M00567 Methanogenesis, CO2 => methane
M00356 Methanogenesis, methanol => methane
M00357 Methanogenesis, acetate => methane
Methanotroph MT M00174 Methane oxidation, methanotroph, methane => formaldehyde
Methylotroph M00344 Formaldehyde assimilation, xylulose monophosphate pathway
M00345 Formaldehyde assimilation, ribulose monophosphate pathway
M00346 Formaldehyde assimilation, serine pathway
Ammonia oxidizing organism M00528 Nitrification, ammonia => nitrite

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Last updated: April 22, 2015