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The Assign KO tool is an interface to the BlastKOALA server in the interactive mode. BlastKOALA assigns KO identifiers (K numbers) to a given set of sequence data for subsequent analysis with the Reconstruct tool. This tool may also be used for converting users' sequence IDs to K numbers for use in the Seach and Color tools.
Upload query amino acid sequences in FASTA format
Enter FASTA sequences

Or upload file:
   Query data: sequence.txt  
   Select Buchnera (32199)

Select GENES family/genus dataset to be searched


Query sequences
Upload a file containing multiple amino acid sequences represented by the FASTA format. The maximum number of sequences is 2500.
Database sequences
Use the Family/Genus button to enter the NCBI taxonomy number for an organism group at the family level for eukaryotes or at the genus level for prokaryotes. The corresponding KEGG GENES sequences are used as database sequences.
Annotation result
The result page contains links to KEGG Mapper analyses as well as to viewing and downloading the K number assignment list.
If you have a larger dataset of query sequences, consider splitting the dataset and concatenating the lists of K number assignments that can be downloaded from the result page.
Main server
The BlastKOALA server accessed from its main page allows you to compare against all KEGG organisms as well as to use a better scoring scheme, such as incorporating Pfam domains.

Last updated: July 1, 2021

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