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Search&Color Pathway is an advanced version of the KEGG pathway mapping tool, where given objects (genes, proteins, compounds, glycans, reactions, drugs, etc.) are searched against KEGG pathway maps and found objects are marked in any background and foreground colors (bgcolor and fgcolor). The objects in different types of pathway maps are specified by the following KEGG identifiers and aliases.

Prefix Type KEGG identifier Alias
map Reference pathway - metabolic K/R/EC numbers
C/G/D numbers
KO alias
map Reference pathway - non-metabolic K number
C/G/D numbers
KO alias
ko Reference pathway (KO) K number
C/G/D numbers
KO alias
EC numbers
ec Reference pathway (EC) EC number
C/G/D numbers
rn Reference pathway (Reaction) R number
C/G/D numbers
RP/RC numbers
<org> Organism-specific pathway gene identifier
C/G/D numbers
UniProt ID†
gene alias (gene name)
K/EC numbers

† For organism-specific pathways, the NCBI and UniProt identifiers may also be used.

Last updated: September 29, 2015