Color tool

The Color tool searches various KEGG objects, including genes, KOs, EC numbers, metabolites and drugs, against KEGG pathway maps. Found objects may be marked in any combination of background and foreground colors.
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Enter KEGG identifiers followed by color specification

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Query data format
KEGG identifiers in the first column followed by (space or tab separated) color specification in the form of bgcolor,fgcolor
Search mode
Search mode Target DB Prefix Type KEGG identifier Alias
Reference Pathway map Reference pathway K/R/EC number
C/G/D number
hsa Pathway hsa Human-specific pathway hsa gene ID
C/G/D number
K/EC number
other org Pathway <org> Organism-specific pathway gene ID
C/G/D number
K/EC number
(Notice) Use of gene symbols
The use of gene symbols (in the Gene name field of GENES entry) as aliases is no longer supported, because many-to-many relationships may result in erroneous links to KEGG identifiers.

As an exception, the official symbols for hsa (Homo sapiens) can be used as primary identifiers, which are automatically converted to KEGG identifiers by using the one-to-one correspondence between NCBI Gene IDs and HGNC symbols. Note, however, that the correspondence is updated every three months of RefSeq releases. It is highly recommended to always use KEGG hsa gene identifiers.

Last updated: July 12, 2021