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KEGG Mapper – Join

Join tool

The Join tool combines a Brite hierarchy or table file with a binary relation file by matching KEGG identifiers, effectively adding a new column in the Brite file.

A variant of this tool is Taxonomy mapping in KEGG Syntax.
Search mode:   br   ko  

Enter KEGG identifiers followed by attributes

Or upload file:

Example files:
br mode
   drug_target.txt (drug to target)
   prodrug.txt (prodrug to active form)
   drug_source.txt (drug to source)
   org_disease.txt (pathogen to disease)
ko mode
   ko_disease.txt (ko to disease)
   ko_drug.txt (ko to drug)


Query data format
KEGG identifiers in the first column followed by (tab delimited) attributes
Target DB
Target DB Prefix Category KEGG identifier
Brite hierarchy ko Genes and proteins K number
br Compounds and reactions C/G/R number
br Drugs and diseases D/H number
br Organisms org code
Brite table br Drugs D number

Last updated: July 1, 2021