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Option: Color specification
Numerical values converted to color gradation
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     minimum maixmum  
Numerical values converted to 3D bar graph

Use uncolored diagram

Color Pathway is an extension of the Search&Color Pathway tool, allowing multiple coloring of a selected pathway map. Multiple coloring of bgcolor (or bgcolor,fgcolor), which is specified in tab-delimited columns, may represent time-dependent or site-dependent changes of gene expressions, pathways active in different cancer stages, etc., and is shown as multiple snapshots of image maps. Alternatively, numerical values may be given in multiple columns and they are displayed by color gradation or 3D bar graph representation. The objects in different types of pathway maps are specified by the following KEGG identifiers.

Prefix Type KEGG identifier
map Reference pathway K number
ko Reference pathway (KO) K number
<org> Organism-specific pathway gene identifier

Last updated: July 1, 2019