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Genome information

T numberT01571
Org codepsz
Full namePseudomonas stutzeri ATCC 17588
DefinitionPseudomonas stutzeri ATCC 17588 = LMG 11199
TaxonomyTAX: 96563
    LineageBacteria; Proteobacteria; Gammaproteobacteria; Pseudomonadales; Pseudomonadaceae; Pseudomonas
Data sourceGenBank (Assembly: GCA_000219605.1)
BioProject: 68131
CommentIsolated from a clinical specimen submitted for bacteriological diagnosis.
    SequenceGB: CP002881
StatisticsNumber of nucleotides: 4547930
Number of protein genes: 4217
Number of RNA genes: 70
ReferencePMID: 21994926
    AuthorsChen M, Yan Y, Zhang W, Lu W, Wang J, Ping S, Lin M
    TitleComplete genome sequence of the type strain Pseudomonas stutzeri CGMCC 1.1803.
    JournalJ Bacteriol 193:6095 (2011)
DOI: 10.1128/JB.06061-11