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Genome information

T numberT07645
NameFopius arisanus
TaxonomyTAX: 64838
    LineageEukaryota; Metazoa; Ecdysozoa; Arthropoda; Hexapoda; Insecta; Pterygota; Neoptera; Endopterygota; Hymenoptera; Apocrita; Ichneumonoidea; Braconidae; Opiinae; Fopius
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Data sourceRefSeq (Assembly: GCF_000806365.1 Scaffold)
BioProject: 274979
CommentImportant biological control agent of tropical and subtropical pest fruit flies, including two important global pests, the Mediterranean fruit fly (Ceratitis capitata), and the oriental fruit fly (Bactrocera dorsalis).
Parasitic wasps.
StatisticsNumber of protein genes: 10991
ReferencePMID: 28584080
    AuthorsGeib SM, Liang GH, Murphy TD, Sim SB
    TitleWhole Genome Sequencing of the Braconid Parasitoid Wasp Fopius arisanus, an Important Biocontrol Agent of Pest Tepritid Fruit Flies.
    JournalG3 (Bethesda) 7:2407-2411 (2017)
DOI: 10.1534/g3.117.040741