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(Note) Specify a single entry or multiple entries in the form of db:entry, such as hsa:126 hsa:127
To retrieve all links between two databases, use the LinkDB diagram below.

Links are categorized into the following 4 types.

equivalent links are special original links to signify equivalent contents between KEGG GENES, COMPOUND, DRUG, REACTION databases and databases other than KEGG.

original links are extracted from the database entries provided by the GenomeNet DBGET system.

reverse links are derived from the original links by exchanging a source entry and its target entry.

indirect links are derived by combining two or more original links. Currently, links from KEGG GENES to REACTION via KO, and to COMPOUND via REACTION are available.

LinkDB information

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Click database names to download link information between two databases
    from to in format

Download equivalent link information for a selected organism

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Download equivalent link information for COMPOUND, DRUG and REACTION

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A REST-like API for LinkDB search is available via:<arguments>

Example: or for only equivalent links

See API help page for more details.

Last updated: June 4, 2014
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