Virus-Host DB organizes data about the relationships between viruses and their hosts, represented in the form of pairs of NCBI taxonomy IDs for viruses and their hosts. Virus-Host DB covers viruses with complete genomes stored in 1) NCBI/RefSeq and 2) GenBank whose accession numbers are listed in EBI Genomes. The host information is collected from RefSeq, GenBank (in free text format), UniProt, ViralZone, and manually curated with additional information obtained by literature surveys.

Selected viral families
Adenoviridae Papillomaviridae Herpesviridae
Baculoviridae Poxviridae Parvoviridae
Retroviridae Reoviridae Picornaviridae
Flaviviridae Caliciviridae Coronaviridae
Bunyaviridae Orthomyxoviridae Paramyxoviridae
Viral entries
(No. of sequence accessions)
Source of host information (No. of evidence records)
RefSeq + GenBank UniProt Viral Zone Manual annotation Total
11564 1658 201 6535 17465