Honeysuckle yellow vein beta-[Japan:Fukui:2001]

Scientific NameHoneysuckle yellow vein beta-[Japan:Fukui:2001] [TAX:435486]
LineageViruses; Tolecusatellitidae; Betasatellite; unclassified Betasatellite; Honeysuckle yellow vein beta
Baltimore GroupssDNA
Genome TypeNon-segmented
Honeysuckle yellow vein beta-[Japan:Fukui:2001], complete genome.

Known hosts (1)
Scientific Name Honeysuckle yellow vein virus-[Japan:Fukui:2001] [TAX:434023]
LineageViruses; Monodnaviria; Shotokuvirae; Cressdnaviricota; Repensiviricetes; Geplafuvirales; Geminiviridae; Begomovirus
Cellular host Lonicera [TAX:49606]
Evidence Literature
   Reference PMID: 18175045
      Authors Ueda S, Onuki M, Hanada K, Takanami Y
      Title Unique grouping of the Far East Asian begomovirus complex based on sequence analyses of the DNA-A genome and associated DNAbeta satellite molecules isolated from tomato, honeysuckle and Eupatorium plants in Japan.
      Journal Arch Virol. 2008;153(3):417-26.
   Comment The viral DNA from naturally infected tomato plants showing typical yellow stunt disease symptoms was amplified by PCR.