Network Variation Maps

KEGG NETWORK represents a renewed attempt by KEGG to capture knowledge of diseases and drugs in terms of perturbed molecular networks (see Background of KEGG DISEASE). It accumulates variations of molecular interaction/reaction networks in terms of network variation maps (such as nt06210) consisting of network elements (such as N00014). The notation of network variation maps is as follows.
Network element Coloring
Reference network Green
Variant network containing
   Human gene variant
   Pathogen gene/protein
   Environmental factor

Drug-target relation Navy
Edge   Interaction/reaction
→   Activation
Complex formation
Missing interaction or reaction
Gain of function
Substrate binding to enzyme or transporter
Enzymatic reaction or transport process
Enzyme-enzyme relation of successive reactions

Pathway view

Carbohydrate metabolism

Lipid/glycolipid metabolism

Nucleotide metabolism

Amino acid metabolism

Glycan/glycoprotein metabolism

Cofactor/vitamin metabolism

Replication and repair

Signal transduction

Cellular process

Immune system

Endocrine system

Disease view

Cancer (See Color codes of cancer types)

Cancer signaling

Neurodegenerative disease

Endocrine and metabolic disease

Viral infection (*oncovirus)

Bacterial infection

Last updated: November 15, 2023