KEGG Software

Web Servers

The following web tools are developed and maintained by Kanehisa Laboratories.
Automatic annotation of genome/metagenome sequences with subsequent KEGG Mapper analysis. [reference]
KEGG MapperKEGG pathway mapping and BRITE mapping tools for biological interpretation of genomic, transcriptomic, metabolomic, and other large-scale data sets.
KEGG AtlasAn advanced graphical interface for exploration of KEGG global maps. Features similar to KEGG Mapper are also available.

The following web servers are developed and maintained by Kyoto University Bioinformatics Center as part of its GenomeNet service.
KAASKEGG automatic annotation server. Gene sequences in a genome are compared by BLAST against KEGG GENES for ortholog (KEGG Orthology) assignment, enabling KEGG pathway mapping and BRITE mapping. [reference]
KEGG OCKEGG OC viewer for browsing and analyzing ortholog clusters (OCs) computationally generated from the KEGG SSDB database. [reference]
Chemical structure similarity search against KEGG COMPOUND, KEGG DRUG, and other databases. SIMCOMP is based on 2D graph representation, while SUBCOMP is based on bit-string representation of chemical structures. [references]
KCaMGlycan structure similarity search against KEGG GLYCAN using tree structure comparison methods. [reference]
E-zymeComputational assignment of EC number sub-subclasses from chemical structure transformation patterns of substrates and products. [references]
PathPredPrediction of microbial biodegradation pathways and plant second metabolite biosynthesis pathways using reaction patterns in KEGG RCLASS. [references]
GENIESGene network prediction from heterogeneous data sets using kernel methods and partially known network information. [references]
DINIESDrug-target interaction network prediction from various types of biological data including chemical structures, drug side effects, amino acid sequences and protein domains. [references]

The following service is also available at GenomeNet.
Sequence similarity search against KEGG GENES, KEGG GENOME, and other databases.

Desktop Applications

KegTools are Java applications that run on the Mac OS X, Windows, and Linux platforms. They were developed by Kanehisa Laboratories, but are no longer maintained.
KegHierfor browsing and searching BRITE functional hierarchies as well as for manipulating locally created hierarchical text files
KegArray  for analysis of transcriptome data (gene expression profiles) and metabolome data (compound profiles) with capabilities of KEGG pathway mapping and BRITE mapping
KegDrawfor drawing chemical compound structures and glycan structures with capabilities to search against the KEGG databases
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Last updated: October 26, 2018