KNApSAcK Entry

id C00002374
Name Chrysanthemin / Cyanidin 3-O-glucoside
CAS RN 7084-24-4
Standard InChI InChI=1S/C21H20O11/c22-7-16-17(27)18(28)19(29)21(32-16)31-15-6-10-12(25)4-9(23)5-14(10)30-20(15)8-1-2-11(24)13(26)3-8/h1-6,16-19,21-22,27-29H,7H2,(H3-,23,24,25,26)/p+1/t16?,17-,18?,19?,21-/m1/s1
Standard InChI (Main Layer) InChI=1S/C21H20O11/c22-7-16-17(27)18(28)19(29)21(32-16)31-15-6-10-12(25)4-9(23)5-14(10)30-20(15)8-1-2-11(24)13(26)3-8/h1-6,16-19,21-22,27-29H,7H2,(H3-,23,24,25,26)


Phytochemical cluster No. 15
KCF-S cluster No. 2



By standard InChI
By standard InChI Main Layer CHEMBL257839 CHEMBL1197952


By LinkDB C08604


By CAS RN C114438



List (94)

KNApSAcK organism *ID *family *plant class *kingdom
Abies spp. 3319 Pinaceae Spermatophyta Viridiplantae
Acer platanoides 4025 Aceraceae rosids Viridiplantae
Akebia trifoliata 155132 Lardizabalaceae eudicotyledons Viridiplantae
Albizia julibrissin 3813 Fabaceae rosids Viridiplantae
Allium cepa 4679 Amaryllidaceae Liliopsida Viridiplantae
Allium sativum 4682 Amaryllidaceae Liliopsida Viridiplantae
Allium schoenoprasum 74900 Amaryllidaceae Liliopsida Viridiplantae
Allium victorialis 88845 Amaryllidaceae Liliopsida Viridiplantae
Alopecurus spp. 15303 Poaceae Liliopsida Viridiplantae
Amphithalea spp. 140895 Fabaceae rosids Viridiplantae
Anthoxanthum spp. 15324 Poaceae Liliopsida Viridiplantae
Aster spp. 41479 Asteraceae asterids Viridiplantae
Avenula spp. 388696 Poaceae Liliopsida Viridiplantae
Bauhinia variegata 167791 Fabaceae rosids Viridiplantae
Bothriochloa spp. 79826 Poaceae Liliopsida Viridiplantae
Cassia javanica 508996 Fabaceae rosids Viridiplantae
Cephaelis subcoriacea 189135 Rubiaceae asterids Viridiplantae
Chrysanthemum indicum 146995 Asteraceae asterids Viridiplantae
Citrus sinensis 2711 Rutaceae rosids Viridiplantae
Coelidium spp. 140895 Fabaceae rosids Viridiplantae
Coriaria myrtifolia 3460 Coriariaceae rosids Viridiplantae
Cornus suecica 164435 Cornaceae asterids Viridiplantae
Cotyledon spp. 22998 Crassulaceae eudicotyledons Viridiplantae
Crassula spp. 3782 Crassulaceae eudicotyledons Viridiplantae
Cynomorium coccineum 51503 Cynomoriaceae eudicotyledons Viridiplantae
Dactylis spp. 4508 Poaceae Liliopsida Viridiplantae
Daucus carota 4039 Apiaceae asterids Viridiplantae
Delonix regia 72433 Fabaceae rosids Viridiplantae
Deschampsia spp. 15452 Poaceae Liliopsida Viridiplantae
Dioscorea alata 55571 Dioscoreaceae Liliopsida Viridiplantae
Dracula chimaera 125397 Orchidaceae Liliopsida Viridiplantae
Elymus spp. 15492 Poaceae Liliopsida Viridiplantae
Erythrina coralloides 3841 Fabaceae rosids Viridiplantae
Erythrina crista-galli 49817 Fabaceae rosids Viridiplantae
Erythrina dominguezii 3841 Fabaceae rosids Viridiplantae
Erythrina falcata 3841 Fabaceae rosids Viridiplantae
Erythrina herbacea 3841 Fabaceae rosids Viridiplantae
Erythrina pudica 3841 Fabaceae rosids Viridiplantae
Erythrina x bidwillii 3841 Fabaceae rosids Viridiplantae
Eugenia umbelliflora 119950 Myrtaceae rosids Viridiplantae
Euterpe edulis 157786 Arecaceae Liliopsida Viridiplantae
Festuca spp. 4605 Poaceae Liliopsida Viridiplantae
Ficus carica 3494 Moraceae rosids Viridiplantae
Gentiana sp. 21496 Gentianaceae asterids Viridiplantae
Geranium sylvaticum 379956 Geraniaceae rosids Viridiplantae
Glycine max 3847 Fabaceae rosids Viridiplantae
Helianthus annuus 4232 Asteraceae asterids Viridiplantae
Hordeum spp. 4512 Poaceae Liliopsida Viridiplantae
Hypocalyptus spp. 140920 Fabaceae rosids Viridiplantae
Lathyrus odoratus 3859 Fabaceae rosids Viridiplantae
Liparia spp. 70406 Fabaceae rosids Viridiplantae
Lobostemon spp. 21635 Boraginaceae asterids Viridiplantae
Lonicera caerulea 134520 Caprifoliaceae asterids Viridiplantae
Mimulus cardinalis 188299 Phrymaceae asterids Viridiplantae
Mimulus lewisii 69919 Phrymaceae asterids Viridiplantae
Miscanthus spp. 62336 Poaceae Liliopsida Viridiplantae
Molinia spp. 38688 Poaceae Liliopsida Viridiplantae
Ocimum basilicum 39350 Lamiaceae asterids Viridiplantae
Oryza spp. 4527 Poaceae Liliopsida Viridiplantae
Passiflora edulis 78168 Passifloraceae rosids Viridiplantae
Passiflora suberosa 133504 Passifloraceae rosids Viridiplantae
Pennisetum setaceum 48735 Poaceae Liliopsida Viridiplantae
Petunia exserta 323115 Solanaceae asterids Viridiplantae
Phalaris arundinacea 96050 Poaceae Liliopsida Viridiplantae
Phleum spp. 15956 Poaceae Liliopsida Viridiplantae
Phragmites australis 29695 Poaceae Liliopsida Viridiplantae
Picea spp. 3328 Pinaceae Spermatophyta Viridiplantae
Pinanga polymorpha 252729 Arecaceae Liliopsida Viridiplantae
Pinus banksiana 3353 Pinaceae Spermatophyta Viridiplantae
Pisum sativum 3888 Fabaceae rosids Viridiplantae
Poa spp. 4544 Poaceae Liliopsida Viridiplantae
Podalyria spp. 49833 Fabaceae rosids Viridiplantae
Prunus cerasus 140311 Rosaceae rosids Viridiplantae
Pseudotsuga spp. 3356 Pinaceae Spermatophyta Viridiplantae
Rhaponticum carthamoides 362630 Asteraceae asterids Viridiplantae
Rosa spp. 3764 Rosaceae rosids Viridiplantae
Rubus idaeus 32247 Rosaceae rosids Viridiplantae
Sambucus canadensis 57008 Adoxaceae asterids Viridiplantae
Sinarundinaria spp. 4479 Poaceae Liliopsida Viridiplantae
Stauntonia hexaphylla 41788 Lardizabalaceae eudicotyledons Viridiplantae
Sterculia foetida 195802 Malvaceae rosids Viridiplantae
Tamarindus indica 58860 Fabaceae rosids Viridiplantae
Tricyrtis formosana 1126413 Liliaceae Liliopsida Viridiplantae
Triticum aestivum 4565 Poaceae Liliopsida Viridiplantae
Tsuga spp. 3358 Pinaceae Spermatophyta Viridiplantae
Tylecodon spp. 91163 Crassulaceae eudicotyledons Viridiplantae
Vaccinium myrtillus L. 180763 Ericaceae asterids Viridiplantae
Vaccinium padifolium 180765 Ericaceae asterids Viridiplantae
Vigna mungo 3915 Fabaceae rosids Viridiplantae
Vigna subterranea 115715 Fabaceae rosids Viridiplantae
Virgilia spp. 58846 Fabaceae rosids Viridiplantae
Visnea mocanera 1007890 Pentaphylacaceae asterids Viridiplantae
Vitis vinifera 29760 Vitaceae rosids Viridiplantae
Zea mays 4577 Poaceae Liliopsida Viridiplantae

Human Protein / Gene in interaction

1 ChEMBL Protein in interactions

accession description class description compound assay ID (# of activities) # of diseases
P28907 ADP-ribosyl cyclase 1 Enzyme CHEMBL257839 CHEMBL1285540 (1) CHEMBL1799589 (1)
0 / 1

Related Disease

Diseases related to proteins in ChEMBL interactions


KEGG disease name UniProt
H00005 Chronic lymphocytic leukemia (CLL) P28907 (marker)