C00011                      Compound                               
Carbon dioxide
Exact mass
Mol weight
Same as: D00004
R00005 R00006 R00013 R00014 R00024 R00042 R00047 R00131
R00132 R00134 R00149 R00178 R00207 R00209 R00210 R00211
R00213 R00214 R00215 R00216 R00217 R00218 R00219 R00224
R00226 R00233 R00254 R00261 R00265 R00267 R00268 R00272
R00273 R00319 R00341 R00345 R00346 R00374 R00397 R00431
R00449 R00451 R00462 R00469 R00474 R00484 R00489 R00519
R00522 R00559 R00566 R00621 R00636 R00656 R00665 R00670
R00679 R00681 R00685 R00690 R00691 R00698 R00699 R00705
R00706 R00709 R00726 R00732 R00733 R00736 R00813 R00818
R00821 R00822 R00823 R00825 R00830 R00905 R00918 R00922
R00923 R00935 R00941 R00965 R00973 R00983 R00990 R00993
R00994 R00995 R01033 R01121 R01152 R01167 R01196 R01197
R01199 R01210 R01211 R01221 R01238 R01252 R01281 R01297
R01299 R01366 R01372 R01373 R01377 R01384 R01386 R01390
R01393 R01412 R01437 R01528 R01563 R01613 R01614 R01629
R01630 R01633 R01634 R01635 R01649 R01651 R01652 R01682
R01699 R01700 R01701 R01702 R01703 R01728 R01730 R01749
R01750 R01751 R01764 R01860 R01879 R01905 R01908 R01933
R01934 R01936 R01940 R01974 R02055 R02080 R02160 R02190
R02224 R02243 R02279 R02359 R02397 R02398 R02423 R02444
R02445 R02447 R02450 R02466 R02486 R02487 R02488 R02489
R02505 R02518 R02520 R02521 R02551 R02552 R02561 R02562
R02602 R02636 R02669 R02672 R02673 R02701 R02763 R02768
R02831 R02861 R02948 R02952 R02972 R03008 R03009 R03015
R03028 R03092 R03126 R03127 R03137 R03145 R03146 R03171
R03178 R03182 R03197 R03210 R03215 R03218 R03219 R03220
R03247 R03269 R03341 R03348 R03367 R03376 R03425 R03451
R03461 R03470 R03508 R03546 R03567 R03590 R03640 R03674
R03698 R03737 R03739 R03747 R03758 R03806 R03807 R03809
R03812 R03854 R03894 R03907 R03995 R04009 R04036 R04053
R04063 R04073 R04078 R04133 R04135 R04142 R04172 R04189
R04209 R04223 R04225 R04276 R04323 R04328 R04355 R04380
R04397 R04483 R04515 R04666 R04709 R04726 R04732 R04784
R04857 R04874 R04885 R04909 R04918 R04952 R04957 R04960
R04963 R04968 R04972 R04985 R04986 R05036 R05037 R05039
R05087 R05097 R05126 R05127 R05128 R05129 R05144 R05149
R05165 R05169 R05171 R05173 R05188 R05189 R05190 R05228
R05229 R05292 R05293 R05301 R05302 R05309 R05314 R05320
R05331 R05344 R05373 R05374 R05375 R05376 R05377 R05390
R05419 R05466 R05468 R05469 R05493 R05539 R05540 R05545
R05546 R05603 R05632 R05636 R05704 R05713 R05722 R05723
R05774 R05778 R05782 R05813 R05825 R05837 R05857 R06063
R06064 R06322 R06323 R06326 R06327 R06335 R06336 R06337
R06338 R06448 R06453 R06458 R06459 R06480 R06481 R06482
R06483 R06510 R06530 R06539 R06540 R06551 R06568 R06604
R06605 R06614 R06625 R06632 R06635 R06637 R06641 R06643
R06644 R06645 R06686 R06758 R06759 R06779 R06830 R06866
R06895 R06915 R06925 R06936 R06939 R06973 R07125 R07128
R07149 R07157 R07160 R07161 R07184 R07185 R07186 R07187
R07190 R07214 R07250 R07251 R07253 R07312 R07313 R07316
R07329 R07366 R07367 R07368 R07401 R07406 R07494 R07500
R07599 R07601 R07603 R07650 R07658 R07712 R07758 R07762
R07774 R07949 R07981 R07983 R07987 R07988 R07989 R07993
R07996 R07997 R08050 R08081 R08082 R08111 R08112 R08113
R08160 R08165 R08214 R08215 R08220 R08228 R08305 R08308
R08328 R08549 R08566 R08567 R08610 R08611 R08621 R08625
R08629 R08636 R08642 R08646 R08648 R08652 R08655 R08663
R08664 R08665 R08670 R08672 R08673 R08674 R08675 R08682
R08684 R08764 R08772 R08782 R08796 R08797 R08805 R08806
R08807 R08808 R08809 R08810 R08869 R08907 R08972 R08974
R08976 R09061 R09081 R09082 R09088 R09094 R09139 R09158
R09164 R09166 R09207 R09208 R09258 R09278 R09291 R09317
R09338 R09344 R09353 R09363 R09402 R09403 R09419 R09481
R09482 R09483 R09486 R09488 R09494 R09509 R09510 R09511
R09527 R09539 R09567 R09572 R09578 R09581 R09585 R09621
R09784 R09785 R09794 R09818 R09948 R09950 R09958 R09991
R10029 R10033 R10052 R10056 R10079 R10081 R10092 R10115
R10119 R10124 R10143 R10144 R10145 R10157 R10171 R10172
R10173 R10181 R10213 R10221 R10233 R10234 R10238 R10239
R10312 R10319 R10320 R10337 R10413 R10415 R10445 R10446
R10470 R10485 R10487 R10502 R10506 R10516 R10522 R10527
R10535 R10538 R10539 R10542 R10552 R10561 R10587 R10589
R10671 R10707 R10708 R10712 R10720 R10723 R10724 R10735
R10736 R10740 R10741 R10742 R10757 R10781 R10797 R10825
R10852 R10866 R10887 R10920 R10934 R10936 R10960 R10965
R10967 R10984 R10986 R10996 R11030 R11053 R11070 R11071
R11074 R11102 R11105 R11121 R11124 R11125 R11133 R11136
R11141 R11168 R11197 R11198 R11210 R11312 R11340 R11345
R11346 R11353 R11412 R11435 R11436 R11445 R11450 R11451
R11472 R11516 R11522 R11549 R11570 R11572 R11578 R11584
R11587 R11588 R11589 R11592 R11594 R11615 R11616 R11633
R11634 R11635 R11636 R11646 R11649 R11664 R11667 R11716
R11717 R11724 R11726 R11743 R11749 R11813 R11815 R11818
R11915 R11916 R11917 R11918 R11932 R11944 R11948 R11960
R11963 R11991 R11993 R12000 R12002 R12013 R12016 R12018
R12020 R12049 R12076 R12081 R12082 R12083 R12102 R12103
R12117 R12165 R12166 R12176 R12210 R12212 R12216 R12222
R12255 R12257 R12303 R12304 R12305 R12306 R12309 R12315
R12328 R12334 R12335 R12337 R12361 R12362 R12366 R12371
R12375 R12376 R12380 R12381 R12404 R12406 R12407 R12411
R12452 R12454 R12455 R12459 R12460 R12461 R12467 R12468
R12486 R12501 R12504 R12509 R12510 R12523 R12585 R12609
R12610 R12615 R12623 R12625 R12645 R12650 R12651 R12660
R12663 R12724 R12732 R12733 R12734 R12735 R12754 R12757
R12778 R12826 R12848 R12895 R12915 R12933 R12935 R12942
R12948 R12950 R12953 R12966 R13011 R13012 R13013 R13014
R13015 R13078 R13085 R13108 R13109 R13110 R13111 R13122
R13166 R13204 R13205 R13206 R13207 R13208 R13210 R13222
R13225 R13238 R13240
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map00220  Arginine biosynthesis
map00230  Purine metabolism
map00260  Glycine, serine and threonine metabolism
map00361  Chlorocyclohexane and chlorobenzene degradation
map00625  Chloroalkane and chloroalkene degradation
map00630  Glyoxylate and dicarboxylate metabolism
map00680  Methane metabolism
map00710  Carbon fixation in photosynthetic organisms
map00720  Carbon fixation pathways in prokaryotes
map00785  Lipoic acid metabolism
map00791  Atrazine degradation
map00910  Nitrogen metabolism
map01100  Metabolic pathways
map01120  Microbial metabolism in diverse environments
map01200  Carbon metabolism
map01230  Biosynthesis of amino acids
map04964  Proximal tubule bicarbonate reclamation
map04966  Collecting duct acid secretion
map04970  Salivary secretion
map04971  Gastric acid secretion
map04972  Pancreatic secretion
map04973  Carbohydrate digestion and absorption
map04974  Protein digestion and absorption
map04976  Bile secretion
M00165  Reductive pentose phosphate cycle (Calvin cycle)
M00168  CAM (Crassulacean acid metabolism), dark
M00169  CAM (Crassulacean acid metabolism), light
M00170  C4-dicarboxylic acid cycle, phosphoenolpyruvate carboxykinase type
M00171  C4-dicarboxylic acid cycle, NAD - malic enzyme type
M00172  C4-dicarboxylic acid cycle, NADP - malic enzyme type
M00377  Reductive acetyl-CoA pathway (Wood-Ljungdahl pathway)
M00422  Acetyl-CoA pathway, CO2 => acetyl-CoA
M00567  Methanogenesis, CO2 => methane
M00621  Glycine cleavage system
Enzyme       1.1.1.-       
1.2.1.-        1.2.3.-         1.2.4.-        1.2.7.-       1.3.1.-        1.3.-.-      1.13.12.-      1.14.11.-     1.14.13.-      1.14.20.-      
2.3.1.-        3.5.3.-       4.1.1.-
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Anatomical Therapeutic Chemical (ATC) classification [BR:br08303]
    V03AN Medical gases
     V03AN02 Carbon dioxide
      D00004  Carbon dioxide (JP18/USP) <JP/US>
Therapeutic category of drugs in Japan [BR:br08301]
 7  Agents not mainly for therapeutic purpose
  79  Other agents not mainly for therapeutic purpose
   799  Miscellaneous
    7990  Miscellaneous
     D00004  Carbon dioxide (JP18/USP)
Drugs listed in the Japanese Pharmacopoeia [BR:br08311]
  D00004  Carbon dioxide
Other DBs
CAS: 124-38-9
PubChem: 3313
ChEBI: 16526
3DMET: B01131
KCF data

ATOM        3
            1   C0  C    21.8400  -11.9918
            2   O0  O    20.6288  -12.6940
            3   O0  O    23.0512  -12.6940
BOND        2
            1     1   2 2
            2     1   3 2

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