C00009                      Compound                               

Phosphoric acid;
Orthophosphoric acid
Exact mass
Mol weight
Same as: D05467
R00002 R00004 R00077 R00085 R00086 R00118 R00122 R00126
R00128 R00129 R00138 R00149 R00155 R00159 R00164 R00173
R00177 R00183 R00188 R00199 R00206 R00207 R00208 R00229
R00230 R00251 R00253 R00283 R00303 R00304 R00317 R00318
R00320 R00328 R00329 R00335 R00344 R00345 R00346 R00352
R00394 R00405 R00432 R00437 R00438 R00439 R00440 R00482
R00497 R00508 R00511 R00514 R00530 R00539 R00548 R00569
R00571 R00573 R00575 R00582 R00584 R00615 R00618 R00626
R00660 R00719 R00723 R00727 R00742 R00747 R00748 R00761
R00762 R00763 R00764 R00774 R00803 R00804 R00805 R00841
R00872 R00883 R00894 R00910 R00912 R00920 R00921 R00942
R00943 R00947 R00952 R00953 R00957 R00961 R00963 R00993
R01003 R01004 R01010 R01016 R01043 R01044 R01052 R01053
R01061 R01063 R01121 R01126 R01135 R01150 R01164 R01174
R01185 R01186 R01187 R01227 R01256 R01322 R01334 R01396
R01397 R01398 R01399 R01402 R01421 R01466 R01511 R01515
R01555 R01561 R01562 R01569 R01570 R01585 R01620 R01621
R01654 R01664 R01667 R01714 R01724 R01748 R01788 R01804
R01805 R01821 R01826 R01845 R01859 R01863 R01876 R01877
R01882 R01911 R01917 R01968 R01969 R01991 R02029 R02073
R02088 R02092 R02095 R02102 R02111 R02135 R02147 R02148
R02167 R02228 R02237 R02238 R02239 R02248 R02249 R02291
R02294 R02295 R02296 R02297 R02298 R02301 R02319 R02323
R02330 R02370 R02402 R02404 R02405 R02406 R02451 R02484
R02494 R02557 R02585 R02587 R02597 R02646 R02706 R02719
R02727 R02730 R02731 R02741 R02748 R02751 R02769 R02778
R02783 R02786 R02788 R02853 R02866 R02885 R02888 R02929
R02937 R03013 R03024 R03042 R03060 R03083 R03095 R03116
R03142 R03143 R03151 R03157 R03182 R03187 R03193 R03254
R03273 R03286 R03298 R03313 R03330 R03346 R03350 R03363
R03371 R03372 R03393 R03394 R03409 R03427 R03430 R03434
R03443 R03450 R03454 R03460 R03474 R03494 R03496 R03515
R03595 R03699 R03822 R03877 R03905 R03969 R03993 R04068
R04138 R04144 R04156 R04162 R04167 R04208 R04212 R04241
R04248 R04281 R04292 R04312 R04317 R04369 R04372 R04385
R04404 R04435 R04457 R04463 R04479 R04513 R04542 R04573
R04591 R04594 R04617 R04620 R04621 R04730 R04771 R04780
R04944 R05030 R05086 R05185 R05186 R05197 R05224 R05225
R05227 R05230 R05326 R05453 R05465 R05496 R05512 R05603
R05625 R05627 R05647 R05651 R05735 R05746 R05767 R05777
R05779 R05789 R05790 R05791 R05815 R05838 R06018 R06022
R06034 R06040 R06044 R06050 R06053 R06056 R06057 R06058
R06061 R06185 R06211 R06228 R06282 R06367 R06396 R06520
R06521 R06522 R06529 R06591 R06592 R06772 R06870 R06871
R06875 R06974 R06975 R07226 R07227 R07228 R07245 R07264
R07265 R07274 R07280 R07282 R07285 R07297 R07298 R07299
R07302 R07306 R07343 R07383 R07394 R07395 R07404 R07414
R07420 R07456 R07582 R07583 R07584 R07641 R07642 R07674
R07828 R08061 R08062 R08063 R08064 R08069 R08070 R08071
R08079 R08144 R08200 R08201 R08219 R08222 R08224 R08229
R08230 R08323 R08352 R08353 R08354 R08355 R08368 R08515
R08548 R08577 R08617 R08650 R08658 R08855 R08887 R08899
R08905 R08906 R08924 R08937 R08981 R08982 R09053 R09060
R09399 R09400 R09401 R09530 R09532 R09588 R09590 R09592
R09593 R09594 R09595 R09596 R09598 R09599 R09632 R09644
R09664 R09668 R09752 R09760 R09771 R09775 R09777 R09827
R09841 R09853 R09858 R09877 R09941 R09942 R09943 R09978
R09994 R10088 R10089 R10098 R10235 R10244 R10267 R10268
R10270 R10288 R10304 R10442 R10443 R10469 R10470 R10486
R10496 R10531 R10541 R10546 R10547 R10561 R10610 R10622
R10677 R10678 R10679 R10693 R10722 R10748 R10758 R10767
R10768 R10772 R10776 R10781 R10811 R10814 R10821 R10822
R10829 R10832 R10836 R10837 R10838 R10892 R10901 R10902
R10928 R10929 R10931 R10935 R10937 R10941 R10942 R10943
R10944 R10949 R10950 R10973 R10987 R10993 R10994 R11053
R11064 R11085 R11095 R11127 R11128 R11140 R11173 R11180
R11188 R11207 R11225 R11240 R11251 R11258 R11259 R11279
R11281 R11326 R11327 R11397 R11398 R11439 R11440 R11527
R11531 R11551 R11552 R11627 R11628 R11629 R11662 R11673
R11680 R11705 R11785 R11919 R11941 R11959 R11964 R12084
R12092 R12114 R12124 R12125 R12150 R12151 R12201 R12203
R12240 R12241 R12243 R12272 R12331 R12352 R12451 R12531
R12532 R12533 R12565 R12567 R12580 R12583 R12587 R12589
R12595 R12614 R12661 R12700 R12703 R12786
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map00190  Oxidative phosphorylation
map00195  Photosynthesis
map02010  ABC transporters
map02020  Two-component system
map02024  Quorum sensing
map04111  Cell cycle - yeast
map04928  Parathyroid hormone synthesis, secretion and action
map04978  Mineral absorption
map05012  Parkinson disease
map05022  Pathways of neurodegeneration - multiple diseases
1.2.1.-         1.2.3.-        2.1.3.-        2.4.2.-       2.5.1.-         2.7.9.-       
3.6.1.-         4.99.1.-        6.2.1.-        6.3.2.-        6.3.5.-         6.4.1.-
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Other DBs
CAS: 7664-38-2
PubChem: 3311
ChEBI: 18367 26078
KNApSAcK: C00007408
3DMET: B00002
KCF data

ATOM        5
            1   P1b P    27.1282  -21.2572
            2   O1c O    25.9971  -21.9011
            3   O1c O    28.4489  -21.8360
            4   O1c O    27.4637  -22.7728
            5   O1c O    27.1282  -19.9529
BOND        4
            1     1   2 1
            2     1   3 1
            3     1   4 1
            4     1   5 2

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